Dragon of the Deep Live Demo 2004

Back in 2004 life was waaaay more chill.  Every Saturday we would awaken into a state of foggy haziness and meander down to El Frijolito in Watsonville for a breakfast of exquisite Mexican delicacies.  Once the previous evening's headiness was sufficiently coated in grease we would return to our garage in Corralitos and proceed to bang away at ridiculously loud heavy riffage for hours and hours on end, occasionally punctuated by meditative moments to breathe deeply and ponder the clouds.  One day we threw up a few microphones and recorded a 20 minute version of what eventually became Dragon of the Deep Part Two, except we didn't know there was a part one yet, so we just called it Dragon of the Deep.  It was tracked live, no overdubs, straight to cassette.  We sent it to Rocket and Holy Mountain who both liked it enough to release our self titled debut record in 2006.  Now sixteen years, 4 albums, and hundreds of live shows later, it seems part of the cosmic joke that we tried to put it online on 4/20/20 but failed because of technical difficulties.  Here ya go, free download, although you can donate more to the cause if you think it's extra rad.  Through the wafting clouds of tape hiss (LOTS of tape hiss) you can smell the dankness and grime of heady young men plodding away and chasing a rock n' roll dream that may still be coming true.....or is it? DIG IT, FREE DOWNLOAD