New Cassette by Mammatus drum guy

Mammatus drummer Aaron Emmert returns as WAPITI to unleash some synthesized jams.  If you liked the ambient nu age passages and flourishes of Sparkling Waters you might get into this. 

"Recorded during foggy late nights in Aptos, conjuring synths to echo my feelings, joyous, laughing waterfalls after the rains of El Nino, the pounding surf touching the walls of the canyon, creatures scurrying in the night, waking up with bells ringing in my brain beside the bubbling brook, sleepless synthesizers synthesizing while I sleepily stare and listen, driving through the deep dark woods at night speakers blaring up a swirling cosmos while bobcat dives out of the way. This is another cassette by another guy who listens to Kitaro and can't help but twiddle some knobs. If you're reading this, thank you, I love you." -AE