We are pleased to announce that we're making our way back into public consciousness, playing shows again and inching our way ever closer to our next record.  What better way to emerge from the foggy depths than with a FREE…

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Dragon of the Deep Live Demo 2004

Back in 2004 life was waaaay more chill.  Every Saturday we would awaken into a state of foggy haziness and meander down to El Frijolito in Watsonville for a breakfast of exquisite Mexican delicacies.  Once the previous evening's headiness was…

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Back in 2012 or so we were hard at work mixing Heady Mental and getting into far out ambient soundscape type stuff that we didn't really know what to do with.  Eventually some of that ended up on Sparking Waters

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Not gonna lie, we're super pumped to play in the afternoon.  No staying up way past bed time getting bleary waiting to play.  We're gonna be home before bedtime!  Huge thanks to Subliminal SF for setting up this…

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We're not dead

Got a nice email today, "your entire sparkling waters album is so good guys i hope you're not dead"  Guess we gotta get out there and show we're still alive.  We've just been living, biking, working, biking, working, jamming....... for…

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We're happy to roll the amps out in FELTON!  Aaron and Nicky grew up right down the street from the Felton Community Center, before it even existed.  We've never played in Felton so it feels good to come home at…Read more

New Cassette by Mammatus drum guy

Mammatus drummer Aaron Emmert returns as WAPITI to unleash some synthesized jams.  If you liked the ambient nu age passages and flourishes of Sparkling Waters you might get into this. 

"Recorded during foggy late nights in Aptos, conjuring synths…

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